Tips on how to style bollywood jewelleryFirst published: 19-07-2017Bollywood jewellery captures the spirit of Bollywood itself: fun, bright, and constantly bold. From extravagant bridal jewellery to eye-catching jewellery sets, you are able to drape yourself rolling around in its irresistible glamour and produce your ensemble sing.There are some key rules for successfully working Bollywood-style accessories into your look. Knowing them means it certainly won't be a song and dance to get Bollywood in your everyday wardrobe. We are going to present you with some inspiration, alternatively you can browse our jewellery selection to find the perfect pieces for you. Go for gold all overGold is an important component of Indian culture, and it plays a part in religious ceremonies and family events. Brides are shown golden jewellery to make use of throughout their wedding, which pass down to their daughters in a long time to come.Embrace Bollywood by using inspiration from bridal jewellery. The sweetness and ease of gold means you'll be able to combination different pieces match your personality and preferences. For just a bold look, layer a range of gold chains, golden bangles and earrings. Or scale it back and pair quick and easy gold pieces together, watches such as a cuff bracelet and delicate hoop earrings. Amp up the colour with jewel tonesBollywood music and dancing is vivid and energetic, as well as the outfits are made to match. Rich colours like orange, red, and turquoise in many cases are utilized in Bollywood costumes, and you'll recreate the design using your jewellery.Try to find gold and silver pieces who have a a bit bright colour. Based on the occasion, big, chunky pieces like Storm's Gemza Blue Earrings could be a fun addition, easily coupled with other silver and gold coins accessories. For a more subtle look, consider delicate, teardrop earrings that feature a subtler shade, like gold plated earrings by Lona and Lilly. You can never have too many banglesBangles will be the perfect accessory to enhance the graceful and energetic arm movements in Bollywood dancing, and they are a fast and simple way to start the own Bollywood look.A fun and versatile accessory, bangles is usually styled in a very host of ways. For just a minimalist look, consider mixing metallic tones, like those who are in Calvin Klein's Gold Gorgeous set. Alternatively, embrace the full-on Bollywood vibe and produce your personal combination, mixing gold, silver, and colored bracelets to get a fun and trendy look. Diamonds and pearls add a feminine touchGold looks especially stylish when contrasted against softer elements like crystals, diamonds, and pearls. rolex perpetual date Bollywood wedding jewellery often comes with a delicate headdress, produced from strings of crystals and pearls. Take inspiration by crystal, pearl rolex submariner prices , and diamond bracelets and earrings to add a touch of femininity for your Bollywood-inspired look.Simple, stud earrings just like the gold and crystal design by Anne Klein may bring a subtle touch of shine. For the more dramatic look, consider drop or chandelier earrings, much like the Swarovski Tearearrings by Karen Millen. Finish rid of it that has a statement necklaceBollywood is defined by colour and vivaciousness, and also a statement necklace is a brilliant way to express these themes.Bridal jewellery often features collar necklaces that layer gold with crystals and coloured gemstones. A luxurious statement necklace, like Lonna and Lilly's Fancy Filigree necklace (pictured above), can become the principle feature of your respective outfit by showcasing every one of Bollywood's essential elements immediately.Alternatively, you'll be able to channel the look which has a necklace that boasts one main element of Bollywood jewellery. Search for a bold piece that shows off some coloured gemstones, an extra-large metallic pendant, or layers of crystals the same as the kind of Ann Klein's triple row necklace.Bollywood jewellery is irresistibly fun, and you could tailor it to suit your own degree of glamour. Search for bold, gold pieces that feature colourful jewels, crystals, and pearls. Layer it on or pick a few subtle touches. Whatever your lifestyle, be ready to embrace the feel-good vibes! replica breitling windrider chronomat watches
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